Martina 3/4 Back Arm Chair

Frame : European Beech Timber

Fabric : 0.8m

Warranty : 2 Year – Structural

Origin : Italy

Suitability : Indoor domestic and commercial applications.

Availability : Stock Item

Dimensions : Overall Height 860mm x 565 Width x 475 Depth x 480mm Seat Height

Colour Options : Finished to your specified stain colour or a standard Chair Imports stain colour

Additional Info : The Martina 3/4 Upholstered Back Arm Chair is available in a Stackable and Non-stackable version. It can be finished in any colour and in any fabric. Ideal for any application including Aged Care Facilities, Restaurants, Pubs, Clubs or Waiting Room seating. When using a Materialised fabric or similar some wrinkles & gaps may appear due to the severe bend of the panels.