Marta 3/4 Arm Chair

Frame : European Beech Timber

Fabric : 0.8m/Chair.

Warranty : 2 Year – Structural

Origin : Italy

Suitability : Indoor domestic and commercial applications.

Availability : Stock Item

Dimensions : 880mm Overall Height x 557mm Overall Width x 510mm Overall Depth x 445mm Seat Height x 495mm Seat Width x 510mm Seat Depth x 665mm Arm Height

Colour Options : Finished to your specified stain colour or a standard Chair Imports stain colour

Additional Info : The Marta 3/4 Upholstered Back Arm Chair can be finished in any colour and in any fabric. Ideal for any application including Aged Care Facilities, Restaurants, Pubs, Clubs or Waiting Room Chairs. When using a Materialised fabric or similar some wrinkles & gaps may appear due to the severe bend of the panels.